White Sage at Sunset

Lucky Six Farms is a White Sage Herb Farm. Our mission is to deliver the finest quality White Sage products direct to you at very accessible prices. No pesticides, petrochemicals, or environmentally damaging agents are ever used in their cultivation, harvesting, processing, and packaging.

All proceeds from Lucky Six Farms go to support Madre Grande Monsatery. We believe that White Sage is an holy herb, a potent, beneficial gift from Mother Earth that is sacred. The monks of Madre Grande harvest the Sage by hand, distill the oil in small batches, and roll each bundle of sage with care. The monks at Madre Grande are all Reiki Masters and charge the products with Reiki energy. You will notice the difference when you use our products! The most common remark we hear is that people increase their ability to concentrate and have more clarity with their intentions. We believe that every moment is an opportunity to expand our capacity to grow as loving and conscious people. We invite you to tap into your own creative power with our White Sage products.